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See Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator in Action
Watch a demonstration to see how simple it is to operate the HeartStart Home Defibrillator.

HeartStart Demo

The Philips HeartStart Experience
Advanced, safe, and easy to use, HeartStart is designed for use in an emergency by virtually anyone. Watch the video to see real-life people from all walks of life experience the Philips HeartStart.

HeartStart Video

Thomas Killon

Thomas Killion
Retired Police Officer

"I have a first aid kit in my car, I have a firstaid kit in my house and this is so small that I could just add this to what I have already. I will be prepared for almost anything."

Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas

"It has a voice that talks to you the entire way through it. And I tend to get excited and ahead of myself, and it told me along the way exactly what to do."

Bridgette Swisher

Bridgette Swisher
Flight Attendant
SCA Survivor

"You simply do not know. I was only 40 years old and in seemingly perfect health and this happened to me. It can happen to anyone."

Lois Smith

Lois Smith
Retired Executive Secretary

"It's easy to take around, you can carry it with you. You can have it around grand kids, grandparents, friends, in your RV, in your car, at home."

Hollis Smith

Hollis Smith
Retired Commodities Broker

"An insurance policy pays off when you are dead, this keeps you alive."

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The Facts
Presently, the national SCA survival rate in the United States is less than 5%.